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Happy New Year

Posted on December 31st, 2015 by Matt

Happy New year to all.

The last year… 

A lot has happened this year; It’s been all changed with in the sections, with Dasha and Jake both leaving the group, thank you both for the time you have put in volunteering within the group. With the departure of Dasha, this left a gap in our beaver leadership, of which we have Pat and Tony currently running and expanding the colony. Our Cub Leadership team has increased with Baloo (AKA Mark). Our Scout troop  was at a loss with Jake’s departure, but luckily the old ADC Scouts was looking to get back working with  a troop, so Matt joined the troop in September. As well as new section leaders coming into the group, we have had the arrival in september of our New GSL Michael and our AGSL Matt. On top of our main leaders our young leaders have doubled as well, we now have two new ones in scouts , as well as the two we had in cubs.  Our executive team has also increased with the a secretary role now filled.

Even though we have had a change of leaders, our young people, have still had a massive adventure.

Our Beavers have been out learning about wildlife at slimbridge, learning some sign language, as well as sending and receiving post from HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Our Cubs have been out and busy at the nation funday held at woodhouse scout park, been ponding (river) dipping locally in frampton, and had the zoo down for a snapping night with some of the bugs and reptiles.

Our Scouts have been rafting on the lake in Bradley Stoke, out cooking and building fires, and have become masters at arms on a 7 week shooting course, two of the scouts have also been worldwide scouting as part of JOTI.

On top of this all sections took part in the group charity fundraising event which we held at Airhop and raised £1k for BHF, and attending remembrance parade and the group campfire.

Take a look at the the gallery page and subpages for images of all the goings on.

The coming year..

All the sections have busy, jam packed, programs, but the leaders don’t want the young people knowing how busy they are going to be, the programs are locked away in the OSM storage safety.  A few of the activities that can be revealed are:a group camp happening at the end of february as well as the county Jamboree on the late may day bank holiday.  We will also have a presence at the frampton festival, in some shape or form.  Along with many more #youthshapped activities that are still being planned.

Our volunteers…

Of course none of this would be possible without the continuing recruitment of new adult volunteers, and the dedication and support of our existing ones.  Nor must we forget our Young Leaders who are a vital part of our leadership teams and are rightly regarded as such.

We are always on the lookout for additional support.  If you feel you could contribute in any way, large or small to help us out, please let us know by either approaching your section leader or via email. All the adults in the Group are volunteers and undoubtedly like you, lead busy lives.  However, volunteering with us is easy, fun and flexible – how much time you give is completely up to you – whether it is simply running an evening showing off your own personal skills or on a more regular basis in uniform.

Our volunteers provide so much for the 60ish young people involved with 2nd Frampton Cotterell Scout Group, but  we would like to increase the amount of young people we proved for, by 25%, and we need help in doing this.


Thank you for choosing our Group for your child to join in the adventure of Scouting.  If you would like to discuss anything further, or have any concerns or queries, then please do get in touch.  Also, keep an eye on our website and facebook page for up to date Group news and information.

Many Thanks

Yours In Scouting

Michael and Matt


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